@sumit on 2012-06-14

  • @RogerHighfield A pleasure, as alwats #
  • This week's unexpected delights, #1 Dinner with the mother of an UK gaming legend (she told me how she once burnt out his dev box) #
  • This week's unexpected delights #2 The most refreshing conversation I've had about sustainable development recently – with a senior banker #
  • Oldest confirmed cave art is at least 40K years old. But who painted it? > http://t.co/ax4SlhcM #
  • "They did not simply find a new flower or a new plant. They opened the door to a new garden." > http://t.co/bWrRbsHl < #guesswhat #
  • @NHaliloglu Yes, lovely film. Did you see the 3D version? Probably the best use of it I've seen #

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