@sumit on 2012-03-23

  • Off to have my brain scanned. Excited / scared #
  • Consequently not wearing my wedding ring for the first time, well, ever. Feeling lost, not liberated, @luciagraves will be glad to hear #
  • @WayOfThePanda Ha! Given the number of us who've been scanned recently, there could be a cross-sectional study in the making #
  • @pipsan the hell of it! and for SCIENCE #
  • @m1k3y Have to wait – won't be ready for a few days #
  • Scan complete. Oddly reminiscent of floating tank. Also came with molecular gastronomy bonus: tea jelly and vanilla salt #
  • @IntervalThinks it's not an argument for the existence of god; it's an argument for the predisposition to believe in one #
  • Also, I can sleep soundly in the knowledge that no-one has clandestinely implanted anything in my body. Nothing metallic, anyway #
  • @IntervalThinks Isn't that exactly the point? #
  • @AdamCommentism Woah. They say it just SCANS your brain, but… maybe that explains why I thought the tea jelly was such a good idea #
  • The pic on the Indy's nice @arcfinity write-up > http://t.co/QKdad4fb < was well chosen > http://t.co/IypChciC via @kimkarman #
  • @LizzyMac Er, I don't think I know you, but that *is* pretty awesome #
  • La Rive Gauche, SE14 http://t.co/e66Z73c5 #

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