@sumit on 2012-03-10

  • There appears to be some sort of daring helicopter hoist in progress at Waterloo http://t.co/sLmTUz2s #
  • Guardian finally notices New Cross, offers patronizing and inaccurate write-up, runs picture of Deptford. Well done! http://t.co/lMyxVtAR #
  • Meanwhile, the road over from mine gets into the Telegraph, courtesy of J Lanchester > http://t.co/1ODQ93nV #
  • Unconvinced Lanchester's Pepys Rd is in SE14 tho; website says SW21 > http://t.co/DSB6lJfO < and the book says Clapham's handy #
  • And Lanchester "was pretty confident … there wouldn't be a real Pepys Rd" > http://t.co/UBR80Ske #

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