@sumit on 2012-03-08

  • @PaulGrahamRaven "Fan" would be a bit strong. An interested and somewhat confused party, perhaps… #
  • @AquilaRift @PaulGrahamRaven I think part of Laibach's core appeal is not being quite sure if it's all right to like them #
  • @cstross @AquilaRift @paulgrahamraven That seems appropriate… #
  • Hairdresser interrupts my haircut to sort out his own hair. "Can't see what I'm doing," he explains. I believe that is known as #fail #
  • @debcha I suppose it's too much to hope that the storm will knock out the iPad 3 #
  • Middle age: a triumph of human evolution > http://t.co/YW9yHRze #
  • Surprisingly good seat! "My friend Simon Callow says…" my neighbour begins ostentatiously. Oh. #
  • Bonus wisdom: young people can't appreciate theatre because of Twitter, but they'll let *anyone* into the cinema these days. #
  • Then I suffered an inanity rupture and heard no more. #
  • @SciencePunk Heh! Wasn't actually talking to me, but I was sorely tempted to interject #
  • Top deck of the 453 just south of Elephant is probably not the best site for the Northern Lights. #
  • Might go stand in the back garden and look at the moon for a bit, though. #

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