@sumit on 2012-02-21

  • @lavietidhar An interference. – Um, I mean "a reverence" #
  • Can we grow new neurons? > http://t.co/x700r7zW #
  • If you're cool with naked mole rats in bikinis.. RT @plutopup7: Would it really kill New Scientist to have the occasional swimsuit issue? #
  • Flu maven @debmackenzie1 says my recent illness has been “striking a blow for immune cross reactivity in our time”. New family motto, stat #
  • @ruth_dt Good grief! #
  • Just realised I've now been editor of @newscientist for exactly three months. #
  • @tsimonite Still got 8 days to make my mark, then #
  • @nigelhawtin it does! #
  • @arbesman thanks! been fun so far… #
  • @IntervalThinks thanks! we try #
  • @laurenbeukes Now add parmesan and porcini for the complete risotto overclock #
  • THIS EXISTS. AWESOME RT @RachelBaynton: suggest reading 'Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed' by M.Willems! One of my all time favourite books!xx #
  • @tomhpollock Even the Kitty Sutra? http://t.co/yLYNosN9 #

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