@sumit on 2011-12-03

  • On the trail of Saxon London today, starting @britishmuseum. Excited #
  • Glorious finds of Sutton Hoo burial are "the loot of the elite"; reveal little about the working stiffs of Saxon London #occupylundenwic #
  • Site of an 8th century bee "skep". And a grave. http://t.co/yPQas0l0 #
  • Under the Bridge of Aspiration: six Middle Saxon bodies. Buried east-west (Xtian) w/ grave goods (pagan). Hedged bets http://t.co/Ux8fhewy #
  • @stephen_collins We use it as cautionary shorthand for when a strapline doesn't build on the headline, too! #
  • ROH dig revealed the heart of Lundenwic: industrial workshops, fine jewelry and filthy alleys. Now just a tiny showcase in the basement #
  • The chance discovery of gold, probably from Saxon burials, triggered a 14th-century gold rush in the churchyard of St Martin-in-the-Fields #
  • Lundenwic perimeter: Charing X, waterfront along John Adam Street, Aldwych, Short's Gardens. I almost circumnavigate it on my way to work #

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