@sumit on 2011-08-22

  • Sugar hits and self-control > http://t.co/4Bwgj0M < Gladwellian in its scope, but (therefore?) resonates eerily with my life #
  • Failed to tip hat on that last tweet – thanks due to @nraford and @BrianSJ3 #
  • One-minute physics: The sound of hydrogen > http://t.co/zUjX39x #
  • Communal snack cornucopia @newscientist today: blueberry muffins, Victoria plums, veg pakoras and Yorkshire fudge so far #nom #
  • @SciencePunk What's wrong with hoarding old newspapers? You can build a fort out of them and everything #
  • RT @m_c_marshall: If H. R. Giger designed wasps, they'd look like this http://t.co/t55KzIj #

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