@sumit on 2011-08-03

  • This rat kills lions. By coating itself with poison. Hardcore > http://bit.ly/n69Dau #
  • New bits of London: Sweetwater, Marshgate Wharf, East Wick, Pudding Mill and Chobham Manor > http://bit.ly/nwtCsY #
  • "an archive of errors and regrets" > Undetweetable Lets You Read Deleted Tweets http://pulse.me/s/YIOZ (via @TomWhitwell, @lheron) #
  • @DrMichaelBrooks @ruth_dt and if you want quarter-arsed, I'm available at extremely reasonable rates #
  • @edyong209 did you introduce yourself? #
  • @edyong209 Perhaps a good call: did it once, incredibly awkward conversation ensued. Bottled it the only other time it's happened since #
  • The average mammalian species survives for a megayear; so we've got 800 kiloyears to go. But are we average mammals? > http://bit.ly/qYMktT #
  • @rifish @valeriejamieson "needed" #
  • Final trip to @goshcomics on Great Russell Street – been going there for a quarter-century! Good luck with the move to Berwick Street… #
  • T-shirt: "With no power comes no responsibility". I'm guessing his Uncle Ben is alive and well #
  • @mondoagogo that was a belated tweet, actually, so probably a wider margin than it might have seemed #
  • Things eating things: snail & crab http://bit.ly/nsIajd | people & worms http://bit.ly/mS9Wl4 | Moon & moon http://bit.ly/r1vECf #

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