@sumit on 2011-07-14

  • @skyponderer we put that story out on 1 April 2009 > http://bit.ly/qzyYvl > everyone thought it was a joke, for some reason #
  • Longform @newscientist crew plotting their death metal debut. @GrahamLawton on vox, @katausten on Hammond, @Sally_Adee on triangle (prolly) #
  • @hecallaghan @GrahamLawton @katausten @Sally_Adee Who needs a guitar when you have a triangle? (I'm on asynchronous handclaps) #
  • @Sally_Adee @GrahamLawton @katausten I built a theremin once. Can't play the damn thing though. Unless you like alto yowling #
  • @katausten @GrahamLawton @Sally_Adee we'll need someone else on percussion > back to handclaps for me #
  • @Sally_Adee @katausten @GrahamLawton I'll make "woo woo" noises too. Or rather, "grunt grunt". Oh dear, musical differences emerging already #
  • @katausten @Sally_Adee @GrahamLawton Guys, I'm sorry, but this brassy death sound just isn't working for me. #
  • @katausten @Sally_Adee @GrahamLawton So I'm gonna take it a more handclap direction. Solo handclaps. Yes. Sorry about that. #
  • Today @newscientist: Battle of the Chaco, wave-power ships, a look into your eyes, a crowdsourced kiss & more > http://bit.ly/n2jsUp #
  • Is London a riddle? China Miéville and Iain Sinclair striking sparks at the Bishopsgate Institute #
  • @bradleyallen What topping do you get on that? #
  • @bradleyallen i'm going to try that. #
  • @smanthamurphy We do? Where? Our marketing folks in London profess ignorance… #

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