@sumit on 2011-06-20

  • Coloured poo, and five more ideas for better living > http://bit.ly/iSWy1R #
  • when will (fictional) aliens stop learning about Earthly society from vintage TV shows and start lurking on Facebook instead? #bindun ? #
  • @jjaron @TomChivers I think you're forgetting that they're ALREADY HERE #
  • When translation becomes decryption > http://bit.ly/j306hp #
  • Escher + Penrose tiling. Yes. http://bit.ly/iAq4Ec #
  • Going up? http://ow.ly/i/dexl > Festival of Britain retrospective @southbankcentre, also starring the Skylon, the most viral sculpture ever #
  • PRO TIP: the Festival of Britain fabric designs were inspired by X-Ray crystallography > http://ow.ly/5mbLU #

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