@sumit on 2012-06-02

  • What will be the first words uttered by a conscious machine? > http://t.co/UZ1Dn8cD < tell us and win a copy of Turing's Princeton thesis #
  • Popular references in the comp so far: Descartes, Douglas Adams, assorted binary strings and variations on DIE PUNY HUMANS #
  • Financial traders bid to beat the speed of light > http://t.co/uDq7pHQS < paging @slavin_fpo #
  • @bruces enjoyed your entry on the Turing comp! #
  • Minifig despair > http://t.co/j1J2mvwu #
  • I'm guessing Seven Industries lives here > http://t.co/ffP8ypdL #
  • #NXG back-garden soundclash: disco to the left of me, dub to the right. "I Feel Love" is winning #
  • #Prometheus Unnecessary Alien prequel is unnecessary #

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