@sumit on 2012-02-03

  • @IntervalThinks We did go to Borduria! too late for the performance, but I'm definitely going back… #
  • @davidhunt14 Hey, I went to @lucky_chip last night. Nom #
  • @davidhunt14 It was pretty late, so fairly quick service. About on par for the food, I'd say – maybe ahead of MEATLiquor by a nose #
  • A triangular castle in an 8,000 year-old wood > http://t.co/vxvYwKiO #
  • Author! Excited to announce that @arcfinity includes new fiction from the great @MargaretAtwood > http://t.co/4YuKd9Aa #
  • #belatedly my review of Nick Payne's Constellations, destined to becoming a classic of science-inspired theatre > http://t.co/QbaGkz3O #
  • Also #belatedly in Jan, we asked Stephen Hawking what he thought about most. Here's @CJR on the ensuing flap > http://t.co/A7psNQPD #
  • And here's my favourite place that answer ended up: http://t.co/TwoPE6Ww #fromthesublimetotheridiculous #
  • @hvthomson aha! I was just scouring my email trying to figure out who it was #
  • Just concluded that I can't face a gig that starts at 10pm, even if it is just down the road and I'm on holiday. Officially past it #
  • @davidhunt14 This one > http://t.co/ZCB3uUHL < not your thing? Have seen both Sunn O))) and ATR, btw, back when I was still a youngling #
  • @davidhunt14 Don't think I got SunnO))) at their best – they were something like 3rd on the bill. ATR were a hoot. Long time ago! #
  • @davidhunt14 It was them + Earth + Autechre?! around 2003. I think. Have Flight of the Behemoth, haven't listened to it for ages #

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