@sumit on 2011-12-28

  • Hungry cheapskate? Learn how to beat the buffet by watching @rifish build a salad tower > http://t.co/xGNg1wGf < yes, we ate it afterwards #
  • @arrroberts I adore that record. In fact, I'm going to listen to it now. #
  • "Can the machine be more lunatic than those who made it?" The Six Million Dollar Man, still awesome after all these years #palaeocyborgs #
  • @MelissaSterry *And* she had Max the bionic dog! #palaeocyborgs #
  • Got a Merit for my Saxon London term paper. Hooray! (Title? "#OccupyLundenwic: In search of the regal rulers of Saxon London") #
  • Technology will destroy Western civilization in 25 years, Neo-Luddite Kirkpatrick Sale tells @newscientist – by email > http://t.co/8l2ng4ql #
  • Well, this is sobering. MT @kirstinbutler: via @MeFi: Interactive feature of every death on every UK road 1999-2010 http://t.co/RtOiP4I7 #

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