@sumit on 2011-11-19

  • I've ended up with two spare tickets for @boring2011 – anybody want them? Can hand them over at the venue #
  • #boring2011 pack: exercise book, biro, badges, sweeties and postcards of ATMs http://t.co/Cvjcr4Tu #
  • Roxy Music + pencil manufacturing + @iamjamesward #boring2011 #
  • "Cereal packets are maddening in the way they fall over": Which? magazine's fearless pursuit of the truth #boring2011 #
  • Zero smell, countdown timers, hygiene filters: the dog-eat-dog world of hand-dryer manufacturing #boring2011 #
  • "I'm proud to have wee'd where people wee'd thousands of years ago": Vindolanda a high point in lavatorial odyssey of @christt #boring2011 #
  • Forged Nando's loyalty cards on eBay: an obsession with livetweeting led @matthewcrosby into "a chicken-based Bourne Identity" #boring2011 #
  • Zizek and Thai Red Curry Sauce: a reflexive non-participant ethnographer considers the reorganization of a local Budgens #boring2011 #
  • .@jonronson on the staggering picture research behind a single brief Kubrick scene: like a manual version of Google Streetview #boring2011 #
  • Did Catholic priests invent the pasty? Who coined the term "fly cemetery" for current buns? Considerations prompted by Greggs #boring2011 #
  • @StuartRouse The "hooker doorway" from Eyes Wide Shut – from an entire @jonronson documentary about Kubrick #
  • @rowhoop I trust you've adopted a codename. Horrorfrog is probably available #
  • .@dignut explains why the Pythagoreans thought the square root of two was worth killing over @boring2011 #boring2011 #
  • Ahh… RT @LaurieJ: Time for another #boring2011 interlude. These guys are reading cleverbot transcripts, I think. Well curated, peeps 🙂 #
  • "Turns out bored people are really motivated. If you want something doing, ask a bored person." #boring2011 #
  • .@standupmaths cracking the barcode live on stage (hint: it's all about the checksum) #boring2011 #
  • .@themanwhofell says Victoria Line is "clearly the best" Tube line, Waterloo & City "looks a bit rubbish". Controversial #boring2011 #
  • Why Operation Paperclip? "Perhaps a desktop assistant popped up: 'It looks like you're spiriting away Space Nazis!' – Helen Keen @boring2011 #
  • Why doesn't the Turing test work? The Turing postulate: "Alan Turing didn't realise how much cleverer than other humans he was" #boring2011 #
  • Startled to discover Chapman Brothers join-the-dots at the Museum of Childhood during the #boring2011 break #
  • "I'm in favour of health & safety, just not necessarily at the same time. I therefore suggest a culture of health and/or safety" #boring2011 #
  • Vending-machine found-sound poetry. Beautiful. #boring2011 @sound_diaries #
  • Adam Curtis, predictably stunning: from the interstitial scaffolding of TV to the boredom bred of social and economic stagnation #boring2011 #
  • #boring2012 : the clue's not in the name. Thanks to @iamjamesward – please *do* do it again next year #
  • A pony, and worth every penny RT “@kevinbonavia: @sumit outbids himself to win @johnprescott bio at @NXPL auction < How much did he bid? #

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