@sumit on 2011-11-05

  • Field-tripping on London Wall. Archaeological scandals: a non-Tudor banana and the Mithraeum that wasn't #
  • In the now-subterranean West Gate of London's second-century Roman fort. Had no idea this was here #
  • "The best remaining view of Roman London" > http://t.co/Is6qBsqG < where the fort met the city wall #
  • Romans held shows in the amphitheatre at Guildhall to pacify the people. The Corporation of London has posted guards to keep #occupy out #
  • @kejames Yes, London's comparative obscurity is a bit humbling for Smoke sobs like me! #
  • @ruth_dt Clue's in the name 😉 #
  • Was there a Roman bridge beginning at Fish Street Hill? "Absence of evidence is not absence of existence." #blackswan #
  • 1 New Change? "A £450m development in the City is better for archaeology than a £450k development in the country" #
  • The basement of this building is filled with sand – to protect unexamined antiquities found during its construction > http://t.co/bRCJz8V8 #
  • A temple of Mithras and a development by Minerva > http://t.co/N0Aty8n5 #
  • "A pig's nose goes down a foot": dark earth, probably not the remains of Londinium Garden City, but organic breakdown of clay & mud houses #
  • @EvidenceMatters @ErnestPig a cut&paste glitch, presumably. My archaeology tutor claims that a pig's snout disturbs soil a foot deep #
  • "Lush working": The dying art of razoring wallets from pockets > http://t.co/WjHEex6S < via @bradleyallen #
  • @ianvisits Not all of them are. My rabbits – about as much of a prey animal as they come – don't care in the least #

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