@sumit on 2011-06-30

  • So far the only people I've +d on Google+ are people I wouldn't BFF on FB. Undecided as to whether that makes it valuable or valueless #
  • Mine: "sumit". Didn't feel I needed a handle til AltaVista MT @brainpicker: first online handles of top online editors http://j.mp/kMqMDz #
  • Weevils are all screwed up > http://bit.ly/mkyzvs #
  • Today @newscientist: how to make horses for courses, spot a liar, solve a giant Rubik's cube and much more > http://bit.ly/khV5ju #
  • The rave episode of Spaced is one of the most joyous half-hours of TV ever made > http://mysp.ac/ipEKQY < tho it works better in context #

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